Central London

Top 7 Chiropractor clinics in central London


Oriental health care

Just few blocks from the Putney train station on upper Richmond road, Oriental health care is one of our recommended choices for Chiropractic treatment. At Oriental health, they combine both modern and traditional Chinese treatment to leave you rejuvenated inside and out. Oriental health care, comes in with 77 reviews online,


SMSM Therapy: Sports Massage and Spinal Manipulation

This is a massage therapy center located on Bromley High Street inside Sia Beauty salon. They are experienced in the field of osteopathic spinal manipulation and sports massage. In their hands you re guaranteed of expert services. With just a year and a half under its belt, and headed by a Sports Therapist with over 35 review online this is a place to consider


Motionback Chiropractic

Motionback Chiropractic is conveniently located in High Holborn and Blackfriars in the city of London. Initially set up to offer treatment to only legal profession and those connected to the royal courts of justice, you a sure to get exception service because of the target class it has. With over 176 online reviews and chiropractors like Andy and Claire coming with Masters in Chiropractic one would be assured of a professional service.


Bodymotion Chiropracti & Sports Massage Clinic

It was established in 2006 in the heart of London. Bodymotion Chiropracti & Sports Massage Clinic is located just off the London wall. Unlike other clinics in London, the clinic offers an hour of initial consultation in order to allow their practitioners to understand your situation, and prepare a treatment plan.


Greenwich Chiropractic

The clinic is a massage therapy center located in Greenwich, London. Their services range from physiotherapy and message therapy which is administered by professionals. Their clinic runs from Sunday to Sunday opening up on varied time apart from Monday when they open shop at 1PM other days you can go by 10am and doors are open. With just 4 years under its belt the clinic has amazing review on line ranging from “very professional”, “best sports massage” is quite appealing for anyone to pay a visit.


Imperial Health

The clinic is located on quiet a residential street in the borough of Richmond Upon Thames. Imperial Health was started in 2000 it boasts of 0ver 16 years in the business.  It is a beauty and massage salon focused on promotion of healthy lifestyle. Imperial Health services range from therapeutic massages to personalized facials.

With a highly professional team and friendly environment, at Imperial Health, you’re assured of good treatment. With 49 reviews online saying “relaxing”, “fantastic” will encourage you to pay a visit.


Church Road Chiropractic Clinic

Church Road Chiropractic Clinic is located on Church Road, Bromley. With over 19 years in treatment of professional athletes, newborns, pregnancy and child health treatment coupled with a digital X-Ray facility your assured of expert treatment at your disposal. With over 36 reviews online and counting you’re assured to understand people’s views before paying a visit.